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That Bloody YouTube Fitness Community!!!
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Default That Bloody YouTube Fitness Community!!! - 08-31-2013, 10:02 AM

Seriously, what is up with this? Am I the only one who can see what's going on here?

Listen in, most of them (90%) are just pushing for fame and fortune. Isn't it funny how they upload a pointless video of a cheat meal; (which helps absolutely no one by the way and it's a stupid thing to recommend) which lasts for 1:30 or so and on the video is hundred and one links, linking you to their T-shirt store, their websites where you can buy their shaker cups, bumper stickers, glow sticks, condoms, hairbrushes, bobbleheads and other nonsense.

Most of them look very mediocre at best and hardly anything at worst. They all spout off the same old shit and most of them have up to one thousand videos uploaded! Seriously there is a new account everyday! It's getting ridiculous!

Some of the guys (I'm a gentleman I won't name names) Claim to to guru's and saviours. I'm like; ok, I'll see what they say...

When I click on the video, I'm usually appalled by the sheer level of horsehit they come up with. They must make it up surely. One of the guys (A little porky lad in glasses) has actually duped everyone into believing he's a professor and the next Dr Mercola. Most of the stuff he mentions has very little evidence or substance and within five minutes of research, all of his claims can be de-bunked. And this particular guy prides himself on providing evidence.. Hmm, where did you get it from? The back of a cereal box?

Here's the thing and this is reality and I'm going to be generalising a bit, because some of them are actually very good channels.

First of all, until you win a trophy in any event, we are all just guys lifting weights. You can not just call yourself a bodybuider or a powerlifter just because you want to. You have to earn such titles.

You are not, 'gurus' or 'messiahs' you are very naughty boys.

You could be putting vulnerable people at danger with some of your recommendations. The things you mention are nothing more than hearsay and using a tag line of 'it's just advice' does not protect that person, if they have an emotional or psychological problem with food or exercise.

IIFYM is also a ridiculous recommendation. As we have seen, people have misunderstood it completely. This is because they simply don't understand how to utilise this protocol and lack the control to make it work for them. Sugar is a drug in the right doses. It spikes serotonin and fills the dopamine receptors in the brain, in a very similar way to how cocaine does. Most people are carb addicted and will never in a million years be able to be trusted on IIFYM.

Low fat is also ridiculous. A natural trainee >>Needs<< a respectable amount of fat to function properly. A guy on gear gets away with it.

I'm going to stop there. Maybe it's just me who's noticed how ridiculous it's getting. But I needed to vent somewhere. Remember it's just my opinion, I'm not speaking for people. If it's what you're into then fine.

Oh by the way, don't forget to thank, rep and comment on this thread. And don't forget to visit my profile, where you can purchase all of your crazy about training paraphernalia and apparel. (Joking btw )
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Default 09-07-2013, 06:42 PM

I hear ya! The other thing that bugs me is females that get a boob job, all of sudden think they are fitness experts and do not have the physique to back it up! Also Instagram is a perfect example of the girls that claim to lift but do not look like it.

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Default 10-28-2013, 02:04 PM

haha i agree. What do you think of all those info product guys!? They claim to have the secret to abs, the secret to losing weight, the secret to gaining muscle. And people actually pay for that shit. Here's the secret to all of that: figure out your calorie intake/macro nutrients intake, work out, and get some sleep.
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cra_training_zy will become famous soon enough
Posts: 419
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Default 03-18-2014, 01:57 PM

It doesn't appear to be getting any better does it? Although one particular channel called the 'Diet Doctor' caught my eye the other day, and the UndergroundWellness is good.

But I do wonder, if the guys who start these channels are doing it to help people and to keep a log of their progress, or do they do it to be part of a male soap opera?

I think people today will do anything to avoid going to work or college.
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