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ATHLETIC EDGE NUTRITION-IntrAbolic FAQ-THE Pioneer of Intra-Workout Supplementation!
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Post ATHLETIC EDGE NUTRITION-IntrAbolic FAQ-THE Pioneer of Intra-Workout Supplementation! - 06-27-2012, 06:50 PM

Intra-Workout Supplementation has EVOLVED, shouldn’t YOU?

Sugar-Packed CARB Formula
Intra-workout (DURING workout supplementation


• 9.5 Grams of amino-acids PER SERVING, including ALL the essential amino acids(EAAs) needed to build muscle & fight muscle breakdown (anti-catabolic)
• Custom hydrolyzed whey protein, providing 70-80% Di-and Tripeptides for the most rapid delivery of amino acids
• High In The Branch Chain Amino-Acids (BCAAs)
• Beta-alanine
• Electrolytes

World’s FIRST Peptide & Amino-Acid DURING Workout Supplement!

Gone are the days of simply drinking water, or one of those high sugar packed sports drinks intra-workout (DURING). If you are working out to gain muscle, Instead of carrying around something that simply hydrates you, or fills you with a bunch of simple sugars, which can actually be detrimental to the goals of a physique athlete. Why not fill your water bottle or shaker with peptides, amino-acids and electrolytes, that are actually going to fight against the catabolic (muscle breakdown) effects of exercise, increase recovery, decrease fatigue, in addition to staying hydrated?

Continuing to evolve with the latest advancements in Nutrient Timing Science, we bring you IntrAbolic:

The Pioneer of Intra-Workout Supplementation IntrAbolicģ Highlights:

• Boost Recovery, Decrease Muscle Soreness
• Boost Endurance & Delay Muscular Fatigue
• Stimulant FREE
• Mixes easily, NO blender needed

What is the point of investing your hard earned money on supplements that claim to be the latest and greatest phenomenon when they are NOT going to help you DURING your workouts?

What makes IntrAbolic different from the current supplements that fit in the pre-workout and post-workout categories?

By now, you are probably aware of the importance of two nutrient timing windows: pre-workout and post-workout. However, one largely overlooked nutrient timing window, is intra-workout (during-workout) supplementation.

What exactly is Intra-Workout Supplementation?

Intra-Workout supplementation simply means, taking nutrients DURING your workout (Intra-Workout).

What makes taking nutrients Intra-Workout (DURING) so beneficial?

Exercise in itself cause our body’s to increase blood flow to working muscles up to 500%, increasing amino acid delivery to skeletal muscle by 650%! At the same time, cellular sensitivity is increased, enabling our muscles to increase the rate of the absorption of substrates and fuel. When high concentrations of amino-acids are present in the blood stream DURING exercise, the anabolic response brought about by exercise is GREATLY increased!

Enter IntrAbolic:

Designed to rapidly flood your muscles with amino-acids DURING your workout, fight the catabolic (muscle breakdown) effects of exercise, boost recovery, decrease muscle soreness and delay muscular fatigue.

Exercise + IntrAbolic= TRUE Muscle Building SYNERGY!

IntrAbolic is NOT another simple, INCOMPLETE BCAA Supplement
Our bodies need ALL of the NINE essential amino-acids (EAAs) to build muscle. So why are you settling for old school, incomplete amino-acid products that only supply you with the THREE Branch chain amino-acids (BCAAs)? While the BCAAs are very important EAAs, our bodies require the other SIX EAAs to build muscle. IntrAbolic provides ALL the NINE EAAs coming from our hydrolyzed whey protein and is boosted with extra BCAAs coming from both the hydrolyzed whey protein and free-form BCAAs.

What needs and issues should be taken into account when choosing the optimal intra-workout supplement? How does IntrAbolic target and overcome these issues?

Issue One: During exercise, physiologically, it is NOT optimal to be digesting intact protein, such as whey or food. This will divert blood and energy AWAY from your working muscles to your gut which is exactly what you DON’T want. This is the primary reason why a regular intact protein like whey isolate, whey concentrate, milk protein or food should NOT be used intra-workout.

IntrAbolic solution: We address these issues by utilizing a unique CUSTOM whey protein hydrolysate (WPH) exclusively found ONLY in IntrAbolic. Our custom WPH has undergone a high degree of hydrolysis, which breakdown large proteins into smaller fragments, called peptides. Our custom WPH supplies 70-80% of its peptides, in the shortest and most rapidly absorbed form, which are the low-molecular weight, di-and tripeptides, we refer to as IntrAbolic-Peptides™. Our bodies contain transporters in our guts called PEPT1 which specifically transport di-and tripeptides. Due to the fact that di-and triptides do not have to undergo the same slow digestive process as regular protein, they can bypass the disadvantages that intact proteins possess.

Buyer Beware: All hydrolyzed proteins are NOT created equal. The benefits from hydrolyzed proteins come from the content its di-and tripeptides. There are large variances in the percentage of hydrolysis whey protein can undergo. If the percentage of hydrolysis is low, the percentage of the beneficial di-and tripeptides will be low to nonexistant. A low degree of hydrolysis will leave you with a high amount of inferior polypeptides and little to NO di-and tripeptides. Check the supplement facts panels of other products that contain hydrolyzed protein and look for the percentage of di-and tripeptides they contain. If they do not disclose the percentage of di-and tripeptides on the label, be warned they may be very low or even nonexistent. IntrAbolic contains an industry high of 70-80% di-and tripeptides, listed on our label.

Issue Two: Missing the intra-workout window of opportunity. Not only do slower absorbed intact proteins need to be digested, which is NOT desirable DURING exercise as mentioned above, but by the time the amino-acids start being released into the blood and get circulated to your muscles, the entire intra-workout window of opportunity is primarily missed. Additionally, the slower release of amino-acids into the blood from intact sources of proteins cause smaller blood plasma concentrations of amino-acids limiting the anabolic response.

IntrAbolic Solution: Rapidly absorbed di-and tripeptides and free-form amino-acids found in IntrAbolic greatly spike amino-acid concentrations DURING exercise, maximazing the body’s anabolic response.

Issue Three: Many products are incomplete and supply ONLY the branch chained amino-acids (BCAAs). Our bodies need ALL the nine EAAs to build muscle, not just the three BCAAs. That’s why they are called ESSENTIAL amino-acids; bodies cannot make them and MUST get them from our diets. Don’t settle for products that are incomplete and do not contain all the EAAs needed to build muscle mass.

IntrAbolic Solution: Our CUSTOM hydrolyzed whey contain ALL the EAAs in addition to having extra EAAs in free-form

Issue Four: Low or unlisted amounts of the most anabolic amino-acid leucine. Research has shown, taking leucine in the amounts of 3-5grams per sitting, directly stimulates protein synthesis, as well being anti-catabolic.

IntrAbolic Solution: IntrAbolic contains leucine in our custom hydrolyzed whey and an extra 2.5grams of leucine is added in free form, putting it right in the efficacious muscle building range.

Issue Five: No focus on increasing strength and endurance.

IntrAbolic Solution: Including 1.6grams of beta-alanine. This amino-acid is being touted as the next creatine. Beta-alanine works by increasing intracellular carnosine levels which has been proven to absorb hydrogen ions (the molecule that cases the burn). This allows you to train harder and longer, ultimately leading to increased muscle mass and strength.

Issue Six: Does not contain electrolytes that are important intra-workout as they have the ability to assist in absorption of fluid uptake in the gut, allowing for optimal hydration. The Minerals calcium and magnesium are critical as they are needed in the muscular contraction process.

IntrAbolic Solution: Contains exact amounts of the needed electrolytes and minerals for optimal fluid uptake and powerful muscle contractions.

Any questions feel free to discuss in this thread...

Athletic Edge Nutrition Representative

Our Products:

APE- Natural Test Booster/Performance Enhancer
LIV- Fat burner with Phospholean
PreSurge- New Pre Workout Formula

PM with any questions


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