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Forum Rules Basic rules and guidelines for forum posting. Be sure to read this before you begin to participate.

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Default 09-09-2005, 08:21 PM

Forum Rules/Introduction

Welcome to! The best bodybuilding and supplement website on the internet.

We here at want this website to be informative, educational, and fun.

The following is a comprehensive list of rules, that when adhered to, will result in contributing as a productive member of

If any of the following stipulations are broken, probation, suspension, or banning will occur.

We want everyone to enjoy themselves and come away from this site with insightful knowledge, and reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle of Diet and fitness.

General Guidelines
Respect each and every member, if it is even perceived that you have disrespected a member or group of members you will placed on probation or possible banned in lue of a review of your actions with the administrator of the site

If you have and issue with a moderator or a member private message them. Take personally directed questions to a more personal arena.

Respect the moderators. There is ZERO tolerance allowed in this area. Breaking this rule will result in being instantly banned from the site. Moderating is a difficult task. Do not disrespect the moderators either on the boards or in the private messages/e-mails, as doing so literally takes time away from serious athletes. This rule is under all circumstances, in all forums! If you have an issue, PM or e-mail them in privately and politely. The boards do not need petty, immature squabbles.

Respect each other, have enough curtsey to Private Message someone if you have a personal problem or request, and think before you react. Our goal is to make each and every member comfortable in their environment, so that we can all benefit from one another's knowledge.

Contribution Rule - If any moderator feels you are not here to contribute to the athletic aspect of the site, you will be warned and then banned if it continues.

No solicitation or advertising is to be done in any way shape or form. Anything even perceived in this light will merit immediate suspension or banning. is a professional bodybuilding site. Subsequently we have no tolerance to thread/posts which do not conform to the standards of professionalism.

As such threads mocking or bashing other body building sites/other site's members are unacceptable on the forums. Please refrain from making derogatory or rude comments about other body building sites, or other body building forum members on the site.

Regarding Moderation and Subsequent Actions
Members are expected to private message a moderator concerning any action a moderator takes.

If a complaint regarding a moderators action wishes to be made, the PM or e-mail system is the route in which the member should go, not the forums. And the complaint needs to be valid, not a waste of the moderators time

Posts/Threads concerning inquiries regarding why a member was banned, discussing a member which was banned, closed/locked posts, or other enforced actions, will be deleted, and that member may be banned him/her self.

Do Not
Start a new thread or post inquiring about a locked or deleted post/thread on the forums.

Attempt to continue on with the closed post's subject by starting a new thread with the same subject matter.

This is not Debate iswelcome. Bear in mind it is not the focus of this website. If you cannot handle a simple debate you are advised not to participate in them.

Also note, moderators reserve the right to edit or delete questionable avatars, signatures, and/or sayings in a members profile. Obscene or distasteful signatures are not allowed.

We are extremely busy and working daily on the monthly journal, answering hundreds of emails/ PMs, and moderating thousands of posts daily. Our rules are simple, abide by them.

Regarding Drama on the boards
Realize this is a hardcore bodybuilding site. We do not allow flaming, and we do not allow crybabies who complain about the site and how it is run. If you are here to learn and contribute you are welcome and we are excited to have you.

If you are here only to argue and complain, you are wasting your time. The moderators are not babysitters. If you start drama, cry on the boards, or whine, you are out of here and will receive no warning. We do not cater to babies. Take the violin solo somewhere else, this site is for dedicated athletes, not people who need a baby's rattle to calm them down.

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