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ChrRog 07-09-2015 04:43 AM

Is it worth me doing a personal training course?
I've been a bodybuilder for several years, ever since I was 19. I'm considering becoming a professional personal trainer specializing in strength and weight training. I've heard that good ones can make a lot of money.

With my experience in bodybuilding and strength training, I know that I could teach others how to do it. In fact I have shown some of my friends how to get into it.

So I reckon I could start training people right away, but I'm wondering if I should first do some kind of personal training course and get an official qualification? What are the advantages of having that? Any advice would be great. Thanks.

RickB 09-01-2015 10:40 AM

Sorry for the super late response! And not to squash your dreams, but really and truly you have to look the part to get people's interest in your training. Maybe you're already there and if so....rock on! ;)

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