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soopamyko 12-30-2012 01:35 PM


Loaded with leucine, proprietary stimulant blends and agmatine sulfate.



Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine anhydrous is a commonly used stimulant that can greatly enhance exercise performance. It promotes energy and alertness, slows down fatigue and can increase the breakdown of fatty acids, resulting in reduced body-fat levels.

Caffeine Citrate

The difference between this and caffeine anhydrous is that you will feel the effects more rapidly with this version

DiCaffeine Malate

DiCaffeine Malate combines malic acid with natural caffeine. Dicaffeine malate works in much the same was as caffeine, but without the stomach upset that can be associated with the more popular stimulant, caffeine. The two ingredients are combined into one compound that increases both mental focus and energy and thermogenesis.


1, 3-Dymeth

Restricted calorie intake, such as dieting for a competition or for general fat loss usually results in a loss of energy and focus. 1,3-Dymeth is included to increase focus, energy and performance, which also can stalemate under calorie restriction. 1,3-Dimethylamylamine increases the release of stored body-fat by causing a rise in cAMP, a chemical messenger that sets off the release of stored fat for energy needs.

Pikatropin (Pikamilon)

Pikatropin, perhaps better known as pikamilon, is a cognitive enhancer (a derivative of GABA and niacin) that promotes greater blood flow to the brain and reduces mental fatigue. Pikatropin is able to enhance cognitive and analytical function as well as performance (hand to eye coordination and reaction times).

Yohimbe Bark Extract

Yohimbe has been a widely used herbal supplement for decades but its current popularity was set off by new research that indicates Yohimbe has effective antioxidant benefits. Historically it’s been widely used as a vasodilator, meaning it increases blood flow. Yohimbe has a more recent use of increasing the mobilization of fatty acids making a popular addition to many fat-burning formulas.


Also known as RauwolfiaVomitoria Root Extract, this is classified as a yohimbine-isomer, it has demonstrated stronger MAOI-inhibiting properties then standard yohimbe. Fundamentally, it is able to stop the neuro-breakdown of three key neurotransmitters-- serotonin, noradrenaline, and dopamine. Similar to YohimbineHcl, Alpha-Yohimbine has stronger neurotransmittor inducing properties.

Beta Alanine

Beta-alanine is a popular non-essential Amino Acid used to increase lean muscle, strength and in the gym energy levels by slowing fatigue. Beta-alanine is non-proteinogenic; this means does not take part in the creation of protein. Beta-alanine is the only naturally occurring beta-amino acid and its most available source is within the dipeptide carnosine, found in Protein rich foods. Beta-alanine has developed quite a following due to its ability to slow the buildup of acid in the muscles; this benefit allows you to train harder and longer. There have been quite a few research studies that have demonstrated the benefits of consuming beta-alanine during various types of exercise, including resistance weight training as well as exercise in general.

Creatine Hydrochloride

In 2003, Creatine Hydrochloride, or Hcl as it’s commonly known, was discovered by accident during the synthesizing of the ingredients required to make creatine ethyl ester, then a new version of creatine. Once discovered, the manufacturers began studying this new form of creatine and its effectiveness and, in fact, Creatine hydrochloride was patented in 2009. One study conducted on creatine hydrochloride determined it to be 59 times more soluble in water than the original creatine monohydrate. This increased solubility means that the required dosage for creatine hydrochloride is considerably less than creatine monohydrate, in fact micro dosing started with this type of creatine.


In what has been a huge, far reaching recent discovery, Leucine is the only amino acid that is able to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, which is directly tied into muscle growth. It has now earned a lofty place in the supplement due to this new information.

Leucine is an essential amino acid, which means our bodies can’t produce it and we must get it from our food. Leucine has long been known as the most abundant of the three branched chain amino acids (BCAAs, the other two are isoleucine and valine). BCAAs make up a high proportion of the amino acids found in muscle. They are unique because they are the only amino acids burned by muscles as fuel.

L-Citrulline Malate

Citrulline is involved in the production of nitric oxide, creatine and two key anabolic hormones: growth hormone and insulin. Each of these compounds play critical roles in muscle growth and performance. Similar to Beta-alanine, Citrulline functions by blocking lactic acid and ammonia buildup in the muscles. This has a positive impact on performance and speeds recovery. Citrulline malate is a good choice for those bodybuilders and athletes that train using a lot of intensity as well as using endurance exercises.

Agmatine Sulfate

Agmatine is a recently introduced ingredient that can increase Nitric Oxide production. When Arginine is broken down in the body, it converts to Agmatine Sulfate. Agmatine seems to be more effective in nutrient transport, partitioning, and enhancing blood-flow than taking Arginine.

At effective dosages, Agmatine will leave your muscles pumped, driving nutrients to the muscles, increasing performance and speeding recovery.

Agmatine Sulfate also stimulates the release of hormones such as pituitary, growth hormone, and luteinizing hormone. Additionally, Agmatine Sulfate inhibits (blocks) NO synthase, the enzyme that breaks down Nitric Oxide.


• Powerful complex of thermogenic compounds
• Effective dose of Creatine Hydrochloride in each serving
• Potent Caffeine blend for maximum energy
• Agmatine Sulfate for muscle-swelling pumps and nutrient transport
• Enough servings for a full 40 workout days

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ouija 12-30-2012 04:47 PM

This stuff is awesome, been using it a while. Wouldn't let it sit on the shelf for too long if it's opened though. Def ups the body temp too.

eericksen 02-05-2013 11:44 PM

Best when stacked with Dr. Jeykll

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