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WILL_I_AM 08-14-2015 09:45 PM

Super DMZ 2.0 Cycle Help
Question for the experienced users... So to start off, I have only ran Furazadrol and Andro prohormones in the past such as 1-Andro, 4-DHEA, 19-Nor, and Epiandro. I've ran 5 cycles with Andros with as many as 3 stacked together. I'm getting tired of the slight to none results I'm getting now and I have obtained a Super DMZ 2.0 for a reasonable price I couldn't pass up. I've done more than a fair amount of research on this product and similar substances and I know the potential sides!

Pre cycle load support:
Cycle Support 2.0 for 2 weeks prior

For my on cycle support:
AMS Super Cycle
AiSports Perform
Bilberry Extract

Post cycle support:
AMS Super Cycle
ReBirth by BLR
Clomid 50/50/25/25
AnoGenin by BSL

My questions are as follows:

Is the Super DMZ 2.0 too much for my first methylated cycle?

Could I do just 1 cap per day instead of 2 if it is too much in your opinion?

Any on cycle or post cycle suggestions?

If DMZ is too much at the moment ate there other suggestions for me to try first to help prepare me and see how my body reacts?

Thanks all! I'm open and willing to listen to any suggestions. I've always seen a lot of helpful individuals on this forum so I figured it would be the best place to start!

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ouija 08-27-2015 10:50 PM

Super DMZ 2.0 is 2 potent oral steroids, dymethazine and methylstenbolone. Taking one a day the dymethazine really won't do much but the msten will make significant changes to you. 2 a day takes the msten to a hefty dose. Read up on both.

The only useful liver support supplement to take is TUDCA or UDCA.

Clomid should be fine for pct. Might want to have an AI on hand just in case.

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