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1morerep 12-31-2013 04:49 PM

I-focus review by 1morerep
Well. This is it!!! Today is the last day of the 2013. This is my I-Focus review; just in time for those looking to start the 2014 with new goals and resolution

I tried I-Focus during different hours of the day. I tried in the morning before and after breakfast, after lunch and before dinner. The biggest impact (in my case) was before breakfast on my way to work. I felt absolute alert with no jittery or anxiety signs.

I also combine I-focus with my pre-work out 30 minutes before hit the gym. I felt serious pump and focus during the whole training session. No high blood pressure or reddish/itchy skin signs.

I think that the amount of caffeine in I-focus is just right to make this product perfect for anybody trying to study, train or simple just to add a supplement to accomplish their duties during a busy day.

Thanks to eericksen and ProSupps for this opportunity. You have a new costumer on me.

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