View Full Version : Power Rack & Lat Attachment - By Body Solid Powerline

12-27-2007, 03:20 PM
I purchased this from the IllPumpYouUp.com (http://www.illpumpyouup.com/) store and have been nothing but happy with it.


I also later added the Lat/Low bar pulley system attachment.

My rating (1-10, 10 is best)
Value: 10
Features: 9
Rugged: 7

This was cinch to put the rack together and the Lat/Low Bar pulley system was added even more easily. This rack is basic, but strong and has a pull-up bar/brace as well. It serves it's intended purpose very well.

The Lat/Low Bar attachment was a VERY wise add-on. It comes with a T-handle and a curved Lat bar. It opens up a lot more exercises and works very smoothly. It is even more smooth than the commercial one I use at the gym I go to. I also bought extra varying handles to do more exercises such as tricep pushdowns and cable rows with a v-handle.

I highly recommend this combo for the home user who is serious about working out and wants a good value as well.

12-27-2007, 04:11 PM
Great read Rick!!!

Looks like a really good piece of kit, used to use one at my old gym......really good for the chest and shoulders!!!!

Thanks for the review, was great.


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