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12-27-2007, 02:59 PM
Ok seeing as its a pain in the @ss when nobody reviews gear on the net etc, thought I would avoid being a hypocrite and give my review of the Marcy Pro Bench which I have had for well, over 4 years.

Moved home, got it along with tons of weights to go with me, along with good bars etc.

Built it up in no time at all, came packed in a very heavy box, say about 120lbs odd. All very solid, looks to be about 10 gauge steel, very good quality even if made in China. Rated for 600 lbs, including user, though arms look like they could easily handle more, well so does the bench as the round tube it rests on is damn massive.(diameter about 4" odd)

Ok so, I have used this training 5/6/7 days a week for 1hr to 2 hrs a shot. Now it looks a damn mess....i put dings in the feet on the bench side on both sides, which made the plastic abs caps pop out. This means nothing, but if i feel like it I will hammer them back in one day.

Got it in a damp barn, some rust coating on the chrome adjustable arms, nothing worthy of note just my lack of care of the unit. I give it a very hard time. Next up i put a slight indentation on top of the bar under the seat, as the front seat has an adjustable height bar, which I cheated on and instead of putting it thought the holes, I put the pin through a hole in this adjustment arm and let it rest on TOP of the main bar, thereby letting all the pressure rest on the cutout hole space, hence it has pushed it down a bit.......me at 225lbs with a bar weighing up to 300lbs did this.

Leg extension is effective and stronger than the 150lbs they quoted, I cheated by putting weight on the leg curl bar on either side instead of leaving the foams on there while i did my extensions, and I had 116kg on it......250lbs odd. It isnt as perfect here as when it was new, but it sure still works and I just used it no problem at all about 10 minutes before writing this.

The extendable arms are mega strong, never give me reason to doubt them or worry about them. The bench inclines and declines perfectly, the decline is one of the best I have ever used or seen, but no use with dumbells for flyes as the arms get in the way. The bench is mega wide, but could have been wider too, however this depends on the user as I am fairly wide shouldered.

It has never broken nor let me down, and I really do give it a tough time. I tore the preacher curl attachment's cover accidently, in the heat of a good training session.

The bench has safety catches about 10" up from the level of the bench when flat, and I use these as they are great for holding the weight also, leaving the incline at max height all the time, and then just lowering the bench to do declines. This bench has been my right-arm in training for the last 4 years, and most of my training(almost all) I do alone.

This unit is like a fort, and wont let you down I dont regret spending the money on it-I paid $320 for new.

The pros; strong as hell, solid, reliable, user-friendly, much better than others for training alone, covers all bench press angles, and nearly all flye angles too. Great and very strong preacher attachment comes with it, as does superb leg curl/extension unit which has also never let me down.

Cons; plastic bits etc pop out/get damaged if your not careful, though this is just esthetical stuff. Unable to do decline flyes. Adjustability of front bench section not diverse enough.

Verdict; go out and buy it, if you want a serious bench with plenty of usable features, and safety.


12-27-2007, 03:07 PM
Nice Read!

RoaringMad Mac
12-27-2007, 03:30 PM
Very nice Read.

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